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March 8, 2015




When taking your photo, use either a white or black backdrop. This can be a piece of paper or fabric. Make sure you photograph light objects on black and dark object on white, the contrast will make your photo pop! I recommend using a DSLR ( a camera that you can set manually)  to take your photo. If you are not sure how to set your camera manually, set it to the AV mode. This is where you can adjust your aperture or depth field and the camera will adjust the rest of the settings automatically. Next, set your aperture to the lowest number it will go, this will give you greater depth of field which will give your image more interest. Find a point of interest on your object and snap away. Try different angles and shooting close or far away, just have fun with it!



After you have taken your photos, load them on your computer to find your favorite. It’s best to open your images in an editing program where you can adjust the contrast making the engineering prints look more dramatic. 
I uploaded and ordered my prints at Staples right on their website, who were relatively fast and very affordable! ($2 to $10 a print!)



After your print is the way you want it, mount it on a 1/4″ foam board with a light layer of spray adhesive, smooth any bubbles with a credit card if needed. You can find foam boards at most craft stores or office supply stores. After the foam board has completely dried, cut the foam to fit your frame. Now pop your masterpiece into your frame and you are done, voila!